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"Why am I so tired in my 40s? I'm doing the same thing I've always done and yet it's getting harder and harder. I eat right, I sleep great, I move my body and workout. This is nuts?!" - Anonymous

Dear Anonymous-

I literally have to laugh at this because I am going through the SAME exact thing. I feel like my Tik Tok feed is filled with these searches of me finding "the next best thing." So I'm tapping into THE expert, and I say that seriously. Dr Barton (iykyn) is a life saver with all things women and hormones.

I have never felt more seen or heard than by meeting with her. I consider myself a pretty active person, and I have been getting so much sleep lately. The amount of sleep I get, and it still doesn't feel like it's enough. Weird right?

I went to her a few weeks back, and she said the most simple thing - "Do you feel like you are in your 3rd trimester again?" The answer was simple YES (from what I remember). She continued with Menopause or the start of actually reverts back to those same hormones that were in your third trimester. The heaviness you feel, the sleepiness, the moodiness, just pure exhaustion - all of it. She said you can't keep doing what you did before because it just won't work for you anymore. Just as your body changes, you need to change too. It just makes so much sense.

For me, the hardest part is finding what this new normal is? What does work for me now as my body is changing? So many women just don't talk about it. Maybe they aren't going through it yet? Maybe they don't care enough to chat about it? Or maybe they are too embarrassed? Whatever the answer is.. I'm open to it. I'm here for it. If you need a GYN who works with hormones - Dr Barton is your girl!

xoxo Miss Susie

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