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Expect the Unexpected.

A year ago to date, I sat in this same seat feeling accomplished. 11 years of running a dance studio, and I finally felt I had gotten where I needed to be and was ready to expand into a broader direction. We had created programs in schools and daycares; offered a variety of classes and events here at the studio; connected with the community and supported fellow women business owners; our staff had felt secure and were establishing solid relationships with their students and our families. We started our 2020 year off with a bang 💥 Then Covid hit.

I am not the type of person that tends to roll over. I am a firm believer that life throws you curve balls so you learn how to pivot and find the next thing you were meant to be or do, but this past year definitely challenged that at times.

We spent much of those months virtually, then outdoor, then indoor/outdoor virtual, and so on. We pivoted too many times to count and so often my dancer head was spinning (And not because I forgot to “spot” 😉). But we continued. We never gave up. We will never give up.

Being a Small Business owner, there is always a chance things won’t go your way. You always have to “expect the unexpected.” You will find there are certain times you are jumping through hoops while others you are overwhelmed with the support you are given from those lives that felt touched by you. I encourage all of you this holiday season to find ways to support, show you care, and “see” those businesses who have impacted your life in some way. You aren’t “buying” from a small business because of what we do; you buy because of why we do it.

I want to give special recognition to those businesses that I feel a personal connection with and who deserve not to have to pivot:

Burn Bootcamp Blue Bell

Shop Lady Byrd Boutique

Mimi Keychains

Gwynedd Valley Eyecare