Feeling Grateful

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

This time of year for me (or really for anyone) is a time of reflection. It’s a time of being thankful for the past year and hopeful for the one ahead. My social media posts, newsletters, personal emails, and texts – I’m always ending with a “thank you for your support’ because truthfully, without it, Phoenix Arts wouldn’t exist. But, to me, it’s more than that simple statement.

I wanted to write this blog to highlight a few of those long standing families that have (for the past 10 years) “shown up”, where they could have chosen somewhere else.

The Duke family has 4 kids. All 4 kids dance with us. Olivia, their oldest, has been with me since she was 18 months. These kids play field hockey, soccer, volleyball, and also happen to dance. Even John. Lisa and Paul have an amazing routine of parenting and working and somehow they manage to stay insanely put together! I still don’t know how they do it – I stopped at 1 😊 At any point in these 10 years they could have chosen somewhere else, but they chose us. The loyalty is beyond meaningful to us. Thank you for being amazing parents and friends.

The Agnew Family. If I had a thousand pages, I couldn’t thank enough this amazing group. Lisa and Chris have a heart of gold with their 5 kids. Jay, Day, Naomi are the faces of our Hip Hop program. I say that, not because no one else is, but because they helped us start our program and never gave up. Our boys hip hop class of 10 would not be where it is today if “the twins” didn’t “show up” every year, every session, every month. I am forever grateful for the constant recommendations you’ve given us to build this program. The kids energy is infectious.

The Farrell Family. From the moment Teagan came to us nervously to the bright shining star that hits our stage today, you have won my heart (and I know Miss Becky’s too). Your constant sharing on social media and the outpouring of love you give us daily is unmeasurable. I am so lucky to have had a family like yours become the friends I still don’t feel I deserve. Thank you.

The Rosa Family. Our friendship started before the girls danced, but grew even bigger because of Harper, Sawyer, and Avery (we’ll throw in Ollie and Mac too). There are some that choose a dance studio for recommendations from other parents. Then there are those that choose because of loyalty. I’m forever grateful for the support you gave us when Harper first started in Miss Amanda’s class. And, of course, our first contemporary younger class with Evelyn Hudson (Liz – we love you SO much). You continued with Sawyer and even Ollie in Little Feet and brought Avery to us, too! Thank you for your friendship. It means more than you know.

My entire Teen Class. There aren’t enough words for my gratitude. I have personally seen you grow into amazing women. On your days off, you come here and help assist our wonderful teachers. You are the epitome of every little girl or boy looking up and wanting to be just like you. From the time you were all in our former Children’s Dance classes to seeing most of you on Pointe. It’s seriously a Dance Studio Owner’s dream 😊Thank you to you and your families for always choosing us.

So you see, this “business” isn’t a business at all. These families and all of you have become MY family. To know you daily and to see your kids grow before our eyes is truly something to be thankful for. I am, once again, blessed to have you in my life spreading this love of the arts in your kids and in our community.

Thank you for choosing Phoenix Arts. Thank you for choosing our boutique space as YOUR dance studio. Thank you for choosing our amazing staff of loveable teachers. Thank you for choosing me.

Happy Holiday Season to you and yours. May you find what you are looking for, always choose kind, and be happy.

Xoxo Miss Susie

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