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Tell Them You Love Them

I often show my life on social media. My family and the people I hold close to my heart. It's always the good times filled with smiles and laughs with a few moments of sad memories of lost loved ones who left a hole in my heart.

We lost a beautiful influencer in the dance community. More than any "celebrity" or "social figure" this one hit pretty deep for me. He was just a few years younger than me and had a wonderful life filled with an amazing career, a beautiful family, and his love for dance- the greatest source of discovery and emotional release out there. I can't stop thinking about the family especially the little ones he left behind, but most importantly what got him to that point.

So much of my adult life through social media is "don't put yourself out there", "no one wants to read your life", "why are you so dramatic". I never really stopped to think that maybe this was their outlet; maybe this was a way to bring awareness and this one post or this one picture helped save a life.

... that it's okay to have emotional moments and to be vulnerable because the person online or the friend you are talking to just might connect with what you are saying... and maybe you helped make them feel different. Its okay to set boundaries with someone who didn't make you feel 100% safe in friendship- protecting yourself is helping you, too.

I'm an extremely inclusive person. I teach my kid to be that way, and I run my studio the same way. "No person left behind" is our motto. If you see someone alone, buy them a Starbucks; Teach your kids to find the little girl or boy alone on the playground and say hi; Invite someone new to your party; Overtip your server; Hold the door when going into the Hallmark Store for someone; Pay for the car behind you in the drive thru; Smile and say hello passing someone at the park; Pet a dog.. but most importantly.. just be kind and allow people to be heard- even if you find it annoying or overshared.

Xoxo Miss Susie