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Guy Anhorn Memorial Fund

Phoenix Arts Scholarship

I started dancing at the age of 4. My dad was many things but he had a creative edge with photography. Obviously in the 80s, money was tight much like it is today and my dad offered to do class pictures and the yearly slideshow in exchange for mine and my sister, Miss Becky’s, dance lessons. The studio owner at the time, Miss Denise, loved the idea and agreed. The slideshow became a staple each year for the show. Parents looked forward to seeing their kids on the big screen. In 2009, I kept the tradition and my dad created it every year until his passing.


I lost my dad in 2012. My dad was a giver who never asked for anything in return. He devoted his life to his country as a Veteran, his career helping others as a police officer, and made people feel  and look good as a wedding photographer. He valued life and preferred helping others above all else.


During Covid, I wanted to help others like my dad did his whole life. I started this scholarship fund in his honor. This year I’m naming our scholarship the Guy Anhorn Memorial Fund to help our families in the many years ahead. Please consider donating and continue helping families here at Phoenix Arts!

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