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Tuition Policy:


Our dance year runs from September through June guaranteeing a minimum of 30 classes per class per year. Additional classes offered after 30 days are accounted for snow days, canceled or missed classes.Our tuition policy is mapped out with monthly payments with an option for Biyearly or Annual at a discounted rate. 

All tuition and fees are charged at the time of enrollment.

Auto-payments are made by the 10th of the prior month.


If you wish to pay Venmo - @phoenix-arts 

Payments must be made by 10th of this month. Autopay will continue on the 10th if payments are not paid by Venmo or Cash. We will be including a 3% credit card fee for all payments made via credit card.  


We are rolling enrollment, so if you wish to cancel you must give us written notice by the 5th of the prior month. After the 10th, you will be charged the FULL amount of tuition. You must have a valid credit card on file at all times. Removal of cards for any reason result in a $25 fee. Expired cards/Declined cards result in a $25 fee. There will be absolutely no refunds given at any time for any reason for any of our services.

If you choose the monthly option, at the time of enrollment, Tuition is charged via First & Last Month up front.

Any prepaid payments such as BiYearly, Annual, or Monthly will be given a credit toward their account for future services. We do not offer refunds for any prepayments at this time.


Registration fee is required for all classes held in our boutique studio each year. The cost for this is $30. Our registration fee is NON refundable.


There will be a Parent Observation Week in both Winter & Spring  and a LIVE Show in June.

Costume fees will be applied to your account by January 10th for Spring Showcase and due with February Tuition. Dancers will not able to perform if joining after March 1st.


We have the right to cancel classes for any reason. If you are unable to make a class or our classes are cancelled unexpectedly due to weather or emergencies, your dancer can make up a class at any other age appropriate class in our schedule.

We are an ALL INCLUSIVE dance studio accepting dancers with all abilities. That being said, if your child has a specific need to be met, it is required to meet with us (Miss Susie) prior to their first class with us in any of our programs including dance, after school, and camps. Students will not be accepted in our programming without preapproval. 

Dress Code Policy:


Student Dress Code

The dress code promotes a professional atmosphere in all classes. Students are required to dress according to these guidelines, unless otherwise told by their instructors, and therefore may not be permitted to participate if they are not dressed appropriately. 


Little Feet: Feel free to wear anything you would like! Bare feet or socks with treads are a must! Parents should dress comfortably, as they will be actively participating in class. 


PreDance-Ballet/Tap: Pink leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers for ballet. Tap shoes of any color. 


Boys Attire: Any comfortable shirt & sweatpants or shorts. Black or white dress socks (no sweat socks).
Black ballet slippers and/or black tie tap shoes. Black jazz shoes and/or hip hop sneakers for our show.


Dance Combo:

Any color leotards, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes, and black Jazz shoes. 


Hip-Hop Classes: Fitted t-shirt or tank must be worn with comfortable pants. No jeans or shorts will be permitted. Black dance sneakers are required for our show.


Acro Classes: Fitted clothing and bare feet .


All Ability and Inclusion Policy

Our studio is an all inclusive all ability dance space which carries over to all of our camps. It is required that our parents notify us of any services and needs prior to the start of camp or classes. We believe this is the best approach for providing the best quality of care and learning experience for everyone. If there is no meeting ahead of time, we cannot provide the effective services needed for your student and our staff. Please refer to our Anti-Bullying Policy on refunds and behavior.

Attendance Policy

Students should attend all scheduled classes, be on time and prepared. Students arriving more than 15 minutes late, without previous previously notifying the Directors or instructor, will not be permitted to participate in class as it will cause a disruption in the lesson plan.


Marketing Policy

Phoenix Arts often participates in marketing opportunities within the community. On some occasions we are featured in local papers, articles and post frequently on our own website, facebook and social media pages.

If you DO NOT wish to have your child featured in any of these media sources please make this request made to our Directors. 


Anti-Bullying Policy

Phoenix Arts has a strict NO TOLERANCE policy for bullying. We believe in keeping the studio a safe atmosphere for ALL students to express themselves creatively without judgment. All bullying behavior will be addressed immediately by the teacher and/or Directors, with parent involvement. Negative acts of any kind causes for immediate dismissal of any and all of our programs with no refunds.


Insurance Policy

Dance is a physical activity. As with all physical activities, injury can occur. Phoenix Arts or Susie Anhorn will not be held responsible for any injury resulting from normal participation in our program or camps.

Playground Policy

Playground is available for use. Please play at your own risk. Phoenix Arts or Susie Anhorn will not be held liable for any injuries. 

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