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"My daughter has been having a difficult time finding something she's passionate about. She's tried several different things nothing seems to click. Have you had this experience with your daughter or any of your dance kids? How did they find something they loved?" - Mom of a Pre-teen

This is a great question "Mom of a Pre-teen". I found this to be so difficult for myself as a parent for many years. We live in such an area that is heavily focused on sports and our township athletics which is great! But if you have a child that isn't interested in sports, it makes it difficult for us, as parents, to help them find something.

I felt so pressured to have my daughter try different sports because I thought that's what she's supposed to do. We tried soccer, field hockey, swimming, gymnastics.. she wasn't "in love" with any of them. Even a dance class was trying for her.. and I own a dance studio! I use to say, "but it's free!!".

Honestly, I just had her keep trying things. It wasn't until last year that she discovered her love of Music and Musicals. She started out making playlists, singing in the shower, and eventually decided to audition for her school musical. We started taking her to friend's shows and then it spiraled from there.

Being a parent is hard because we always want the best for our kids, but I often found myself saying.. "there's no time limit. She has all the the time in the world and a lifetime to think about what works for her!" Even as adults, we switch careers and passions often right? So why can't kids?!

When your daughter is ready. She'll find something that'll blow her mind! Just give yourself grace and give her patience.

xoxo Miss Susie

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