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Being a Woman is Hard!

This is the "Let's Keep It Real Blog"

I've been posting for awhile gearing our blogs towards life as a dancer, dance teacher, dance parent, or business owner. All those are well and good, but let's be real.. only certain things really hit home. I've decided to blog every Monday because.. do you ever search social media or look for an article to try and find the exact thought you are having so you don't feel alone? Do you ever really find it? I know I don't.

My Name is Susie. I'm a wife, mom, business owner with lots of other stuff in between. We are going to deep dive into everyday life as all of those things. Whether you own your own business, work a typical job, are a stay at home mom.. we are going to find relatable content together.

Got a question? Email below, and I will happily answer in the most raw way possible. Too much of social media specifically isn't honest. We want to know - how come we have this belly weight we can't get rid of? Why does insomnia happen as we get older? Is it weird our kids don't do any activities? Is my kid a bully? How do we meet friends post 40s? Inquiring minds want to know the answer to these burning questions.

Did you know that the most difficult age for a woman is 36? Research shows that this is the exact age where women find it the most challenging to balance work and home life. Fascinating right?

Life is Short, Buy the Prosecco.

**To ask Susie - email to

Posts are live on Mondays.

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